Tessa Gilfillan-Jones, M.S., CCC-A  Audiologist


Don Gilfillan-Jones, R.N., B.S.N . IT Manager


Lilah and Quinton Gilfillan-Jones Employees In Training / Official Greeters


A central Illinois native hailing from the (very) small town of Towanda, Tessa received her Bachelor’s degree at Illinois State University, and received her Master’s degree from the Central Institute for the Deaf at Washington University St. Louis. She joined Morton Audiology in 2004, after experiencing the “assembly-line audiology” that is present in many bigger offices, and realizing that her niche was in providing more personal care.

After nine years of calling Morton Audiology “home,” in 2013, Tessa became owner of the practice. She continues the original vision for Morton Audiology as a hometown business, with success being defined by patient loyalty and the practice’s reputation, not by the bottom line.

Tessa also provided audiological services to Advocate Eureka Hospital in Eureka, IL starting in 2004. It was bittersweet to relinquish that position at the end of 2018, in order to devote all of her energy and attention to the growing practice. She cherishes the relationships formed in her almost 15 years there.

Tessa’s passion is in taking the time to truly communicate and connect with patients, discovering their needs, and addressing those issues. Her non-pretentious manner puts people at ease, and her thorough explanations of options available are appreciated by those who have been leery of hearing healthcare in the past. Many patients have returned after testing the waters elsewhere, realizing that she is uncommonly dedicated to understanding and providing the best possible hearing for each individual.


Don earned his Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the OSF St. Francis College of Nursing, and works in Nursing Administration in a local healthcare organization. He is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Nursing, focusing on Nursing Leadership.

Before his transition from patient-care nursing to administration, Don served as Office Manager in the practice. However, now he focuses on managing the technological logistics (and quandaries) of Morton Audiology in his free time. He has a gift for out-of-the-box thinking that can take large scale concepts and adapt them to our small business needs.

Don, a hearing aid wearer himself, also serves as a beta tester for new technology - we don’t recommend to others hearing aids we haven’t listened to ourselves.


Lilah and Quin are the bubbly, smiling faces that occasionally will be there to greet people at the door. They will gladly make you a cup of coffee while you wait to be seen, and (they claim that) they are looking forward to taking on a bigger role in the practice. (Tessa hopes that this is true - she doesn’t particularly enjoy the paper shuffling side of practice management, and is eager to hand some of those tasks off.) All part of growing up in a family business!


Gail Pollock, M.S., CCC-A – Founder/Audiologist (Retired)

Gail received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Audiology from Illinois State University. She founded Morton Audiology in 1997, while she also worked as a clinical instructor in Audiology at Illinois State.

Gail continued at ISU for 19 years, until 2008, when she retired from teaching to devote more time and energy to the steadily growing business. She put many hours over many years into the company’s mobile industrial hearing testing services and was a certified CAOHC instructor, but decided in 2011 that it was time to step back from the time- and labor-intensive aspect of industrial audiology.

Gail officially retired from Morton Audiology in 2013, confident that the practice would continue to honestly provide only the best care to the patients who had entrusted their hearing to her for the previous 16 years.